Terms and Conditions

General Notice

Just Order Online (JOO) is a CMS product of United Application Developers Ltd (UAD from now on) handed over to restaurants in the UK. The system works on YII framework on server side and .Net framework on the Restaurant terminal side. Any content, image and functions on the website do not represent the viewpoints of United Application Developers Ltd. All purchases and usage of this website is subjected to the terms and conditions of the individual restaurant, The Swadindian Restaurant and at no point, the application provider UAD will be accountable for any kind of disputes in any forms. So please read our terms and conditions carefully. We, The Swadindian reserve the right to change the terms and conditions from time to time. You are obliged to follow our terms and conditions by entering the website.

1. Any activity from viewing the pages to ordering food online is subject to our terms and conditions. The terms and conditions of the website are conveniently placed at the bottom of the website. You must leave the website if you do not comply with our terms and conditions.

2. If you face any difficulties in using the website, you may contact the restaurant The Swadindian through the information on the Contact Us page.

3. Our system allows you to complete an order by clicking the checkout button. We consider ‘checkout button’ event as a purchase. If you do not get a feedback on the website from the restaurant terminal with the delivery time, you should call The Swadindian on 020 8949 0674 immediately to ensure your order is processing.

4. ’Purchase’ through this website cannot be cancelled.

5. The restaurant management reserve the full rights to take decisions if a refund is requested.

6. www.Swadindian.com is copyright protected. Do not copy, print or steal any materials on this website. United Application Developers Ltd reserve the full rights of intellectual property and software source code of this website.

7. The Swadindian do not guarantee the availability of this website and its features as it depends on other vendors such as server providers, payment gateways and Internet Service Providers.

8. Every care has been taken in ensuring the security of this website. However, The Swadindiann will not be responsible for the data transfer between client and server.

9. Usage of this website is restricted to only Genuine Customers, looking for a convenient solution to order their food without the hustle of disclosing card details over the phone etc.

You should not use this website for test purposes by placing fake orders. We consider this as a breach of website usage policy.

10. Use of any automated applications, scripts, snippets or virus on this website is against the law and our terms and conditions.

11. However, provisions to communicate specific requests are provided, Please do not use this if you have any food allergy. We can give you a better service if you order over the phone with specific requests.

12. You should be 18 years or older to use this website. Any purchase of beverages through the website will be subjected to age verification.

13. We will not hand over your details to any 3rd parties. We do not use cookies in this website.

14. Although we aim to deliver your food in 30 minutes to 45 minutes, this may vary due to weather conditions and complexity of dishes, as we prepare them freshly.